Thursday, January 27, 2011

Going out with a Bang Part 2

I have kept busy volunteering with a few different groups.  I am in the Junior Service League and we presented Snow White to some of the area's younger students.  We had a blast and I got to know some of the other ladies in the JSL.

Snow White cast
I'm the bluebird in the front! I had to really use my imagination for my costume!
 Matt and I celebrated our 1st anniversary in November.  We took a little trip to Dallas/Grapevine, TX and stayed at the Gaylord Texan.  This place is pretty amazing.  We got there the night they turned on all their Christmas lights and opened their ice display.  Everything at the hotel was beautiful!  Matt's bff Zach and his wife Laura met us there since they live in Frisco and went through the ice display with us.  We got to see their beautiful house and go to Ikea before coming home. 

The Gaylord's beautiful Christmas tree

This was our view as we sat and visited with Zach and Laura

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown ICE! display
Snoopy's ICE! doghouse
The nativity made of ice...this does it no justice at all!
We of course celebrated Christmas with both of our families.  We always celebrate with Matt's family on Christmas Eve and with my family Christmas evening.  Since both families live within 30-45 minutes of each other this isn't really hard to split our time between the two.  I of course didn't even get my camera out at either, but I did borrow a few pictures from one of my sisters.

Me and all of my siblings: Heather, Amanda, Shasta, Me, Haley, and Kyle

Three generations: Mom, Maw Maw, and me
 After Christmas part of my family got together to celebrate my little sis' 22nd birthday.  She claimed she had never been to Chuck E. Cheese before and has always wanted to go, so that's where we took her.  I think all the germy kiddos running around might have cured her from ever wanting to go back I know it did me!

Haley and all her prizes from Chuck E. Cheese!

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