Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Paint Job

We did our first real update on the house last week.  We painted the guest bedroom which is also my sewing/craft room.  We painted it rye grass green.  I have had the bedding for the room for about a month. I wanted something bright and cheerful because we have picked out darker colors for the master bedroom and office/man cave.
This is before.  Taping is for the birds!!

This is after.

This is the new bedding and it looks like someone has already claimed the bed. 

Now I get the fun job of putting all the furniture and stuff back into the room.  I also need to find some wall decor for this room. Any suggestions?  Hopefully I will have a few more updates to show you soon and maybe even some pictures of the nieces and nephews enjoying the pool!

Leading up to the BIG Day

Leading up to our big day Matt and I took engagement and bridal pictures with our photographer Ross Frazier.  The day we took our engagement pictures it rained about 30 minutes before our session, but we had already rescheduled once and I was determined we would be taking them that day.  The day I took my bridals it was a pretty day until we go to our last location it started pouring.  We sent my sister to the car for umbrellas right at the perfect time.  My mom was stressing because I was going to ruin my dress, but it just repelled the water.  The slide show is just a few of my favorites. 

All of these photos are by Ross Frazier

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Matt and I purchased a home at the end of last summer. We looked at numerous homes in the Shreveport/Bossier area, but could not find a place that felt like home.  Growing up I was always a country girl, and my neighbors were always family literally they were my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and an old couple we adopted as our grandparents. We usually had to drive or ride the 4 wheeler to our neighbors' houses because they didn't live so close you could walk out the door and hold a conversation with them.  That is until Matt and I moved to Bossier and lived in an apartment.  Now that is a big eye opener.  We knew no one in the apartment complex and really didn't care to.  I finally met our next door neighbor about a month before we moved out, but I still never adjusted to living so close to my neighors.  I think what really kicked us into house hunting was the issue of waking up to no water 3 times in a month unannounced while we were in the apartment. 
This is our kitchen.

We couldn't have asked for a better realtor than Amber Floyd, and I would (and have) suggest her to anyone moving to Northwest Louisiana.  Amber really made the home buying process as entertaining and painless as possible.  She showed us numerous properties and was very patient with us. 

We have a very open floor plan.  This is the living room which is open to the kitchen and the dining room is right behind the fireplace. 

After looking for about a month, we found our home.  Our biggest concern was both of our commutes for work would be from Minden to Bossier or about 30 minutes per trip.  Once we saw the home and weighed our options we were sold.  We are about 5 minutes away from my in-laws and 35 minutes from my parents and 4 out of 5 of my siblings.

This is the back of the house.  You can see what's inside this huge room in the next picture!

We have not really done much to the house yet.  We will be painting and fixing a few things over the next few months. The pictures in this post are all from the realtor's online listing, so none of the furniture is ours.
Our indoor swimming pool which I can't wait to get ready for summer next week!

We have met most of our new neighbors.  We live caddy corner to a Coca-Cola distributing plant.  A few weeks after we moved in, we were welcomed to the neighborhood with a 6 pack of glass bottled cokes and tickets to the museum in town by our across the street neighbors who own the plant.  They are really sweet Matt (his mom and her friend) has actually been over and had a coke with the elderly couple and was given a tour of the plant.  I was at work and didn't get to enjoy that, but they were nice enough to let us take some of our engagement pictures with one of their old coke trucks. 

Playing Catch Up!

Wow...it has been over a year and one exciting year it has been!  Since my last post we:
  • Bought a house

    This is the side of the house.  It is what faces the road, but isn't our front door. 
  • I got my license to sell insurance and used it for a while, but had an amazing job offer I couldn't pass up.
  • Got married

  • Honeymooned in Vegas

  • Joined the Jr. Service League

  • Became co-advisor for my sorority at Louisiana Tech

  • Added a new fur baby to the family (not really by choice)

This is Buddy the poodle mix. This is before he visited the groomer.

Most of these I will elaborate on in their own posts.  We have done a ton more things, but these were the biggest and most memorable.