Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Playing Catch Up!

Wow...it has been over a year and one exciting year it has been!  Since my last post we:
  • Bought a house

    This is the side of the house.  It is what faces the road, but isn't our front door. 
  • I got my license to sell insurance and used it for a while, but had an amazing job offer I couldn't pass up.
  • Got married

  • Honeymooned in Vegas

  • Joined the Jr. Service League

  • Became co-advisor for my sorority at Louisiana Tech

  • Added a new fur baby to the family (not really by choice)

This is Buddy the poodle mix. This is before he visited the groomer.

Most of these I will elaborate on in their own posts.  We have done a ton more things, but these were the biggest and most memorable.

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