Friday, January 30, 2009

Date Night!!

Matt and I had a great date night tonight. We started by going to the Louisiana Boardwalk to eat at Saltgrass steakhouse, but it was a little too crowded. We decided we would eat at our favorite sushi place called Sushiko which is also conveniently located on the Boardwalk. We also went to see the new movie Taken. I was not sold on this movie, but agreed to go as long as Matt comes along on the 13th to watch the chick flick Confessions of a Shopaholic. Taken was actually alot better than I thought it would be, but probably not something that I will be purchasing on DVD.

(photo courtesy of yahoo movies)

I am really excited about Confessions of a Shopaholic coming out because I have read every one of Sophie Kinsella's books. She is by far my favorite author.

(photo courtesy of yahoo movies)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Today is my Dad's 53rd birthday!! Happy Birthday, Dad!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fun and Freezing

It was freezing outside today, but I had fun! I started my day out at Morgan's under the sea birthday party. Matt had to work all day, so he didn't get to participate in the fun. Sciport is a really fun place for both kids and adults. I did remember to capture a few moments of my 3 future nieces.

I also had a great lunch with Amy (Matt's sister) and Emily Grace (Matt's niece.) Amy is helping me organize the wedding, so we got in a little wedding talk. I finished the day out by shopping. I did pick up a few small things for the wedding like candles, but nothing too exciting. Maybe my topic will be a little more interesting tomorrow.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Fido Friday

Today wasn't very eventful at all. I did a little grocery shopping and also picked up a Birthday present for a special little girl. Matt's niece Morgan is having her 9th Birthday party at Sciport Discovery center tomorrow morning. I know I am just a big kid at heart, and I cannot wait because I haven't been to Sciport in quite a few years.
Reading other people's blogs make coming up with topics seem so easy, but it isn't! So today I would like to introduce you to our dog Belle. Belle is our 2 year old Boston Terrier. She thinks she is a human and a princess. Belle was my Christmas present from Matt 2 years ago and it has been an adventure ever since. She is quite an intelligent little dog. She pretty much house broke herself and knows her right from her left. I'm not kidding one day I will put a video of her shaking left and right on here. Belle doesn't get much human food, but when she does her favorite is ice cream. She also loves to take bubble baths. I told you she thinks she is human! I am sure you will hear quite a bit more about Belle in the future!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

First time...

I have been reading quite a few blogs recently, so I decided it was finally time to start my own.
Matt and I will be getting married in November, so we have a few exciting things going on right now that we would like to share with friends and family. Stay posted to read future post about what I jokingly call my "road to the WHITE house."