Friday, March 22, 2013

White House Happenings

  • Well ladies and gentlemen....we are officially in our new house.  We don't have everything in its place and have not really decorated, but we are up and fully functioning minus a washer and dryer.  Matt's parents have been gracious enough to let us wash at their house for the last few weeks.  Once we get more things in their place we will share some pictures.   
  • Buddy and Bailey love their new house and have adjusted quite well to all of their new surroundings.  They LOVE the backyard, stairs, and catwalk dogwalk. 

  • For some reason Buddy thinks that his place in the house is the fireplace hearth.  Since we have had him, he has always been a barker and we are working on that since he is now a city dog. 

  •  Bailey loves to lounge on the catwalk or sit on the landing and look out the window above the door.  She has officially found her voice.  She never barked at the old house, but since moving she is picking up Buddy's bad habit.  She has also picked up the habit of looking at herself in the mirror. 

  • I have been trying to soak up as much time as I can with Maw.  She has not been in the best health for a few years now and has lung cancer.  Since the year has started, her health has started to noticeably decline.  She is now pretty much confined to a hospital bed and cannot be left alone, but is still in good spirits most of the time.  My sisters and I had a slumber party with her a few weeks ago and I think that we all had a great time. 
Maw in May at my cousin's wedding.  She is a hoot!
  • Matt has been working hard and still getting his MBA.  He got to go on a work trip to New Jersey and New York since I last wrote. 

  • The BIG NEWS...I have always been fascinated with house hunting and real estate, so before I decided to leave my job in Amite I started taking my real estate pre-licensing classes. I finished them in January and reviewed and studied in February.  On March 9th, I took my real estate licensing test and passed!  I contacted an Alpha Chi alumna that I had talked to when I first thought about getting into real estate, and she arranged a meeting for me at her office.  I interviewed on Tuesday of this week and started training on Wednesday morning.  So ladies and gentlemen, I am now a realtor with Coldwell Banker Gosslee in Shreveport!  I have quite a ways to go in my training before I am listing and selling houses, but I am very excited.  Everyone I have met so far has been really nice and encouraging and they all tell me what a great company Coldwell Banker is to work for. 


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