Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all Part I

Fall officially starts Saturday, but here in Louisiana it will not really feel like fall for a few more weeks.  The weather has been beautiful here for the last week cooler in the mornings and evenings, but still HOT during the day.  Last year in October Matt and I took a fabulous week long trip to the North East and Canada with his parents.  Since I have been day dreaming about sitting on a huge front porch overlooking the mountains and fall leaves, I thought I would recap our trip.

We flew into Rochester, NY, rented a car, and were on our way to explore. 

Our first stop was Niagara Falls, NY. the best way to sum it up.  Looking at pictures you just don't realize the hugeness and grandness of the falls.  This is definitely a must see for your bucket list.  I was absolutely amazed at how close you can actually get to the falls.  In some places you can pretty much stick your hand in the water. 
My inlaws A&D


Our next stop was Canada.  We went to Toronto and Montreal.  I did not take many pictures in Toronto, so on to Montreal.  For some reason on our trips with A&D, we always end up in the prettiest churches and cathedrals.
Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral
The inside of this cathedral is beautiful, but none of my inside photos turned out good.  You can see the inside here.

Olympic Park

Notre Dame Basilica

Our next stop was one of my absolute favorites.  We spent the second night in Burlington, Vermont then got up early and explored all it had to offer.  We started our day at a delicious place called the Skinny Pancake. They try to use all fresh local products, and I could really go for a frumple cake about now.  After the Skinny Pancake, we headed to Church Street to do a little shopping then it was off for our big adventures for the day. Our first stop was the Cold Hollow Cider Mill.  We sampled fresh cold apple cider straight from the press, enjoyed hot apple cider donuts, and did a little wine tasting.  They had the perfect picture set up with the old blue truck in front of the mountains.  We even had to order cider when we got home because it was soooo good. 
The press

Our next stop after filling up on the cider donuts was an old wooden bridge. 
We drove a little ways to the Cabot Cheese Creamery.  We learned all about their cooperative and how they make cheese. The day we were there they were packaging sour cream and making pepper jack cheese.  I will say we buy Cabot products anytime we get the chance now. 
After visiting Cabot we enjoyed the fall leaves and drove to New Hampshire.  The Mountain View Grand in Whitefield, NH had the best view from their front porch.  All we did in NH was spend the night and enjoy the view from our top of the mountain resort. 

From here we headed to Maine, and I will tell you all about the remainder of the trip with my next post. 

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