Tuesday, September 25, 2012


2012 started out with a little bad news for us.  I got laid off from my job that had allowed me to work out of our home for 2 years.  I am an oil and gas landman, so we knew the day would come because you can only look for oil and gas in one spot for so long before you have to move on.  The next week I took a job in a very small town in Southeastern Louisiana that is 4 hours away from home.  Every Monday I drive to work and check into a hotel, and every Friday I drive back home to enjoy the weekend with Matt and the dogs.  I'll tell you all about the little town I've been in later. 

Since most of my time this year has been spent 4 hours away from home, the year has been pretty uneventful.  Matt and I have both been busy working. Matt is pursuing his MBA with a concentration in health care management, so he is staying busy while I am away.  I have gotten the chance to see some of my South LA friends and relatives more than usual since being down here.  I did get to attend Mardi Gras in Houma with my family this year. 

My dad and I at Mardi Gras

Matt and I went on a trip to Savannah and Charleston with his parents over the summer.   I got to go to Alpha Chi Omega National Convention in St.Louis since I am still helping advise the chapter at LA Tech.  These trips will of course get their own posts.  We celebrated 3 big birthdays in our family this year.  Matt's mom turned 60 this year and she wanted to celebrate in a way that all the kiddos would enjoy, so we took a quick weekend trip to Six Flags.  My oldest sister Shasta turned 40. We also celebrated Maw Maw's 82nd birthday with a surprise party.  When you get to be her age every birthday is a big one!
Melissa and Kaden on the carousel

Maddy and Emmy with Bugs Bunny
Look Whoooo's 82!
Wow...now we are caught up except for a few big trips and events. 

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