Sunday, July 18, 2010

Little Rock-Long Post

Matt and I recently took a 2 day trip to Little Rock.  I had never been there before and it is only about a 4 hour drive from our house, so we hoped in the car and went.  Matt went a month or 2 ago with his dad and they explored the city and watched a Travelers game.  Matt came back from that trip with Little Rock added to his places I would like to move list.  Sadly I only took about 2 pictures during the trip and both of them were of ducks!  We got to Little Rock on a Monday afternoon around 5 checked into our hotel and headed out to eat and explore.  We had dinner at a great little restaurant called Loca Luna.  This place has been on Rachel Ray's Tasty Travels and if she says it's good then it must be, so we checked it out.  Matt and I both really enjoyed the meal. 

Tuesday we started our day off by having lunch at the award winning Whole Hog Cafe

You walk into this BBQ restaurant and all you see are trophies and awards everywhere, so you know it has to be good.  We don't usually eat BBQ when we aren't in our little town of Minden because that is one of the only things the town has and you can get tired of it rather quickly.  The food was so good!  They have about 6 different BBQ sauces to choose from, so at first it is kinda like an experiment to see which one you like.  If you are ever in Little Rock you must eat here!

Isn't this a true southerner's meal!!

Then we went to the River Market and walked around.  There were many vendors with fresh produce and arts and crafts. 

The thing I enjoyed the most at the River Market was a store called Ten Thousand Villages.  We also visited the old capital which is now a museum and the Peabody Hotel to see the ducks. 

We then explored more of the shopping in Little Rock and visited places like Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, and a mall that had a Dillards in it that was like one I had never seen before.  Half of Dillards was on one end of the mall and the other half was on the other end.  Dillards is headquartered in Little Rock for those of you that didn't know that. 

We also drove around and looked at some houses and even drove to a surrounding town called Maumelle to check out the houses there. We ended the day by going to a tapas restaurant called RUMBA.  We didn't know when we planned on going there, but Tuesday is half price tapas night.  The food was good there and the atmosphere was a little different, but we would go back if given the opportunity. 

I did tell Matt that I could probably live in or right around Little Rock in the next few years...but we will see where the Lord takes us!

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